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Encore Technical Staffing, LLC
1134 Crane St Suite 216
Menlo Park CA 94025 USA

tel 650 599 9903

fax 650 599 9904

650 599 9903

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Encore Technical Staffing, LLC


HR: We provide Co-employment services, Flexible Staffing/Contract staffing, and expertise in technical staffing.
Payroll: The payroll process and tax regulations seem to change on a daily basis and vary from state to state.  Outsourcing your payroll functions has been a standard business practice for quite some time. And allows you to stretch your payroll costs to Net30 terms, based on credit approval.
Staffing: Encore Technical Staffing began life as a technical staffing business. Recruiting and employee negotiations are our background. We bring over 20 years of technical staffing experience to work for you!
1099's/Self Incorporated: Encore knows and understands the "1099" rules and laws. We can help so you don't become the victim of a mis-classified individual.


How would you like to be able to extend your employees to net 30 terms and still be in compliance with employment laws? Think they'd scream? You bet! Now there is another way!
How would you like to off-load the entire employer headache of funding, payroll, timecard administration, tax and insurance compliance? Now there is another way!

Benefits and Services provided by Encore:

No hidden costs! Simple cost structure with no penalties or withholdings!

Non-Exclusive! Our service is available to you on an at-will basis! You decide when and how much to use our services. Some employees, all employees… it's YOUR choice!

Since 1998, Encore has helped to facilitate technical contracting for many clients on the west coast. And, we are already registered and employ in almost 20 states.

We pay the employees on a bi-weekly basis. Checks are mailed to employees on Friday of each payroll week. All Federal tax, State tax and Garnishments are handled by Encore so that you are relieved of the burden of dealing with payroll compliance issues.

Direct Deposit: Employees may elect to have their compensation deposited directly into their checking or savings accounts. If they choose the direct deposit option, funds are available first thing Friday morning on pay day.

Invoicing: Encore will send you an invoice every two weeks with net 30 terms (on approved credit). The bill rate is very simple, the employer cost + 5%.

Encore becomes the employer of record.. and we provide you with general liability and errors and omissions insurance. Encore takes responsibility for many of the tedious issues associated with employment. The following are the tasks handled by Encore:

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W2 form reporting

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Federal income tax withholding

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State income tax withholding

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Federal Unemployment tax withholding

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State Unemployment tax withholding

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Disability Insurance

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Worker's Compensation Insurance

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W-4 form Compliance

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I-9 Form Compliance




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